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We understand the incredible demand that a company has in running day to day activities as well as trying to maintain the website. In many cases, you have more than one website, including custom landing pages for marketing purposes. There are many facets to a website that need attention particularly when a company adds/removes products/services, runs a new promotion, site becomes compromised, web browser requirements change and server issues arise. This does not even take into effect, all of the tasks involved for SEO managing.

At Viralweb, our team are expert website managers, particularly in the area of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). We will take the responsibility off of your shoulders by dedicating a part time or full time website manager to handle all site modifications, promotions, SEO requirements, server issues & security.
Take a look below at just a few of our features & benefits.

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Website Manager Detail

Compelling advantages for our clients:
    • Significantly lower costs than hiring external team member(s)
    • Minimize liability of turnover & loss of internal knowledge/resources
    • Professional service across the full spectrum of web design, development, & maintenance
    • Consistent, reliable service from an established team with proven track record
Our responsibilites as Website Manager
    • SEO marketing analysis
    • Edit/add content on all pages
    • Edit/add links or upload files as necessary (pdfs, word docs, images, etc)
    • Edit/create/obtain images as necessary (buttons, stock photos, etc)
    • Handle and alter the stylistic elements as necessary
    • Add/update images, events, announcements, links, downloadable files, documents, etc
    • Manage/add user email accounts
    • Manage/install website analytics
Additional SEO responsibilities (onsite/offsite)

This area is one of the major keys to the success of your website. Our highly skilled SEO website managers will consistently modify & manage all aspects of onsite and offsite search engine optimization. During our consultation, we will explain in greater detail as to the specifics of the custom program for your company.


Website Manager Company Pricing


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Our services are custom tailored to each client’s unique needs & scope. Your quote will be provided after review of your company needs assessment.

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