site-designE-mail marketing is a method of internet marketing where a commercial message is sent out via e-mail messaging services. When you check your e-mail and you see an advertisement for an electronics store, or you see an advertisement for the latest gardening product, you are looking at e-mail marketing. Even the online sites that talk about web design & SEO services rely on e-mail marketing. These e-mails are meant to encourage a relationship between the user and the company that is sending off the e-mails. It is also a means by which to attract new customers who might not be aware of the goods and services that the business offers. Because nearly everyone with a computer has an e-mail address, the potential for new customers is always increasing on a daily basis

Relation to Drip Marketing

Within Web design & SEO services that tend to use e-mail marketing, drip marketing has often been linked to this marketing process Drip marketing involves the communication of having pre-written messages sent to customers. Much like how junk mail would be sent into the mailbox to promote a potential contest “winner” or to invite someone to a three week “time share program,” drop marketing is its digital equivalent.  Luckily, these e-mails can be avoided by simply sending them to the spam folder.

E-mail Expansion

Ad Web design & SEO services continue to grow and advance, so too does the technology behind e-mail marketing. The e-mails are more frequent, with millions being sent around the globe at lightning speeds. In addition, these e-mails have more bang to their buck as they come complete with heightened visuals, video player options, and interactive menus should the user decide to learn more. As e-mail grows, so too does the marketing behind it.

Benefitting the Business

E-mail marketing has seen its share of positive and negative feedback over the years. While some may find e-mail marketing to be more of an annoyance, it does nothing but further improve upon the success of any company that promotes them hard enough. The web design & SEO services are one way to get users towards a website, but e-mail marketing is the quickest, more surefire way to get users to pay attention to company news and important sales announcements. E-mail marketing is here to stay, and it will continue to be a viable way to produce traffic on a website for years to come.

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